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Dang Me


The future is here

When one talk about the future the mind really starts to spin about how the technology will take us forward, because until know that is what has been done. The future is here and the technology that the old ones just imagined is now in our hands, in every mans hand. One of those technologies that has been developed the latest years the 4g antenna that now allows amazing speeds in data transfer to mobile units. This has made it possible to stream video and data in a quality that never been possible before.

Going to France

I'm going on a vacation in France this summer. It has become kind of a tradition fr my family to travel to France in the summers. I don't know why we go to just France of all places. But it's really nice there however. We always stay at the same hotel. The owners f the hotel has become friends even. SInce we're there so often we've learned to know the owner of the hotel really good. But that doesn't make it free to stay there ofcourse. We all have to pay.